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Getting Your Journals Where They Need To Go

Timeliness, Efficiency, Service.  Three words you want to hear when thinking about journal delivery.  After meeting your production schedule expectation, successful content delivery runs a close second.  Your distribution list is vital to us, allowing us to plan the most efficient and cost-effective way to mail your journals.

Your Personal Postal Specialist

Tired of trying to keep track of all the changes taking place at the USPS? Don’t worry - our on-site postal specialists can help.  They monitor changes in postal regulations and help explain what they mean to you and your budget.  They also are available to evaluate your journal distribution options and help you determine the path forward. 

Going the Extra Mile – Sheridan’s Subscriber Services

We love being helpful and our professional Subscriber Services are a perfect case in point.  Our experienced and friendly staff will manage your subscriber list for you, from label verification to list maintenance – even renewal campaigns, payment processing, and report generation!  And because we offer professional internal mailing services, you will always enjoy the maximum postal discounts.

Distribution after Publication – Sheridan BackIssue Express™

Even after your journals have printed and shipped, there will be demand for back issues.  Enter Sheridan’s amazing and efficient BackIssue Express™ service. Why manage back issue requests when Sheridan has an onsite professionally manned warehouse to handle it for you?

Co-Mail Advantage

When it comes to co-mail, size doesn’t matter with Sheridan. Journal publishers look to us to help them achieve the greatest discounts possible. Postal savings, reliable delivery schedules and tracking are just some of the benefits you’ll get from our program.  


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