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ShelfWise: Easy, Affordable, Direct to Consumer eContent Sales

Today more authors and publishers are looking at eContent as an additional format to sell titles as well as an additional revenue stream. Many want a cost effective option to house their titles – one that allows them to maintain control of their content and pricing.

In response, Sheridan created ShelfWise. At its core, ShelfWise is an aggregated eStore that houses titles from multiple publishers and offers them for sale in a single online catalog. In this growing electronic world, ShelfWise makes the daunting task of converting and distributing books and journal anthologies to today’s leading eReaders, mobile devices, tablets, and computers a simple process.

Reach your Readers Directly

With Sheridan converting your titles to popular formats (ePub, MobiPocket, and eBook PDF), placing them for sale in the ShelfWise eStore, fulfilling orders, and handling the payment processing of your eContent, you have more time to focus on marketing and driving sales. We’ll even talk you through the steps of linking your website to ShelfWise so you can maximize your reach. And readers already on your website will appreciate the ease of being able to purchase a book directly from your site rather than going to a third party retailer to do so.

ShelfWise Allows You to:

  • Generate additional revenue by…
    • Offering content in multiple formats (ePub, MobiPocket, and eBook PDF)
    • Repurposing backlist titles and content capturing revenue that would otherwise be lost
    • Categorizing titles with similar content together, exposing consumers to multiple options
  • Test market new titles prior to printing
  • Eliminate traditional inventory and associated inventory costs by selling eContent
  • Increase your revenue by naming your own price
  • Drive consumer sales by linking to ShelfWise from your web and social media sites
  • Provide consumers with content when and how they want it
  • Restrict access to your content to authorized users only using Sheridan’s optional Digital Rights Management system (ex. limit length of ownership, restrict the number of downloads, restrict use to a single consumer)

Learn more about ShelfWise by watching this short video.

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique to you, check out our Sheridan Connect and Publisher Connect options.

Download the Marketing Tips and Techniques for Selling eBooks Directly to Consumers to learn techniques used by publishers who have achieved success in their direct to consumer eBook sales efforts.

ShelfWise® is a registered trademark of Sheridan Books, Inc.


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