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Mobile Editions

Going Mobile

It’s an increasingly digital world, with smartphones and tablets keeping everyone and everything connected. Waiting to get information from a home or office computer is so three years ago – and simply won’t get it done in this instant-access age.

That’s where Sheridan Mobile Editions™ come in. With Mobile Editions, readers can access your publication or catalog where ever they are, whenever they want. 

Now that’s getting it done.

Stay Visible 

Mobile Editions convert dynamic content to a variety of mobile platforms, making your content visible everywhere you want it to be. Fully searchable on iPhones, iPads, and Androids, Mobile Editions easily integrate with today’s most popular mobile devices.

Engage Your Audience

Mobile publications and mobile catalogs engage readers in ways that traditional formats cannot. Audio and visual features attract the eyes and ears. And reader feedback options allow users to develop more active relationships with you and in the case of magazine publishers, with your advertisers and your subscription base.  Features of the Mobile Edition include:

  • Active URLs and email links
  • Downloadable issues
  • The ability to move between page view and text-only view
  • Full search capability
  • Subscription management
  • Automatic “new issue” alerts
  • Auto archived past issues

Track Your Success

Analyzing results has never been easier. Sheridan Mobile Editions allow you to manage and analyze your mobile publications and mobile catalogs with our unique analytics program. Or, if you prefer, you can integrate Mobile Editions with your existing Google Analytics platform. 

Your Own App

Let’s face it. If you want to maximize your sales, you probably need your own app! 

Sheridan can help you market your Mobile Edition™ through the creation of a custom app icon. We’ll handle the integration with the Apple® Store and the Android Market, letting you put each volume or issue in your audience’s hands in seconds.

Access Now

You don’t want your customers to have to wait to read an article or make a purchase. Reach them where they are.  

Contact Sheridan and learn how to deliver ideas today.


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