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Electronic Products

Essential Online Options…  Sheridan’s Digital and Mobile Editions and Mobile ePrints

Yesterday’s trends are today’s standards, and it’s good to know that when you need a digital edition of your magazine, or a mobile edition (or both), we have a team of experienced professionals to manage the job.  Print, mobile, or digital, we provide the same level of quality and care for your content.

Today’s digital editions and mobile editions are not simple online reflections of a print magazine.  Savvy publishers know that to miss the interactive opportunities of online is to miss the revenue boat.  Advertisers now appeal directly to purchasers; online engagement yields real sales.  Finally, viewing and activity metrics are available, giving publishers and advertisers tangible lead data.  

And mobile editions aren’t just for magazine issues.  Sheridan has the most sophisticated article ePrint product on the market today – the M3 Mobile ePrint.  It’s all about creating a richer reader experience!


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